Casio PX750 Review | 88-Key Touch Sensitive Digital Piano, White

Casio PX750 WH 88-Key Touch Sensitive with USB Connectivity Digital Piano: When Norah Jones said that, “Without a piano, I don’t know how to stand, don’t know what to do with my hands” I think every pianist related to it well.

The piano has been one of the prominent musical instruments since ages. However, with time the piano world has experienced a lot of technological advancements.

The zenith of them being Digital Piano. The digital pianos have managed to garner everyone’s attention. Be it a professional or an advanced player or a beginner, digital pianos are on everyone’s top list.

In lieu of providing the best quality digital pianos, a lot of brands are positioned in this league. Amongst those brands, a few of them have managed to make a mark for themselves. One such brand is; Casio.

About The Brand

Casio is a Japanese multinational corporation based out of Tokyo, Japan and was founded by Tadao Kashio. Casio is one of the leading brands and is known for its calculators, digital/analog watches, cameras and digital keyboards or pianos.

Casio has been producing musical instruments for more than 30 years and this experience reflects in their products. One of the reasons people prefer Casio is that all Casio digital pianos come with a long 3 year parts and labor factory warranty, which is icing on the cake.

Casio, as a brand has been always popular among people. It is known to produce quality products at cheap price. Thus, their pianos are popular amongst beginners. In fact, the Casio’s Privia line is one of the most popular digital piano options on the market today.

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With its Privia line, Casio has taken the market of Digital pianos, altogether to a new level. All the models have something different and innovative to offer, which simply is eye-grabbing.

Let’s have a look at one of the top sellers of this brand:

Casio PX750 WH 88-Key Digital Piano

Casio PX750 is presumed to be the best piano amongst the Casio’s Privia line.The Privia line is divided into two categories, mainly digital stage pianos and digital upright pianos. Casio PX 750 is part of the upright piano category.

Basically, Casio PX750 is an upgradation of P150. It carries that class and authenticity of a grand piano. Let’s have a look at some of its features:



The best part of this model is its portability. It is fairly lightweight that weighs only thirty-two kilograms, thus can be moved easily. PX750 has a compact furniture style cabinet with a sliding metal key cover, which keeps the dust off the keys.

A matching stand and 3-pedal unit complement the piano.Complementing this three-pedal unit for the piano are Damper Resonance and Hammer Response Simulator. They work simultaneously to yield the most realistic sound.

It comes in three coruscating color choices: one is black wood tone finish, the other is white wood tone finish and the last one is satin oak brown finish.

All these colors are simply marvelous and give a classy finish to the piano. My personal favorite is black wood tone finish, as for some reason it carries that authentic touch to it.

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Key Action 

The key action is one of the most important concerns of any player while buying a piano. Surprisingly, PX750 surpass all the expectations.

It is a Full set of 88-Keys with ebony and ivory textures that provide the ultimate feel of a grand piano. The Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard steals the light. This particular feature demands slow claps for Casio.

The Tri-sensor is a useful tool and helps adjust the key action accordingly.

What accolades this Tri-sensor technology is the textured ebony and ivory keys that add that touch of richness to the piano. The scaled hammer action of the keyboard is backed up by Casio’s Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) system.

Sound Quality 

The Casio PX750 has 128-note polyphony and have two sounds layered together. It has 18 instrument tones, five of which are various acoustic piano sounds. The other sounds are a mix of strings, organs, harpsichord and the electric pianos.

It has an upgraded, 16w speaker system that has been praised by the best of the musicians.

For that additional sound, connect external speakers or an amplifier to the output jacks on the Casio.

It has a feature called half-pedaling, which helps in producing a more realistic pedal sustain reproduction. This very feature is rare to find on digital pianos.

It encapsulates a split function that helps you to split the piano into four different instruments, with two sections of two different instruments layered on top of each other.

It even allows duet play by electronically splitting the keyboard into 2 equal parts, which simply makes it easier to give lessons.

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It has a MIDI capability and comes with a standard USB that makes a connection with any computer or tablet easier.

Bonus Features 

The bonus features include a built-in electronic metronome for timing, 2 headphone jacks for private playing, touch response adjustments, Brilliance, Chorus, and special reverb echo effects, auto power-off and a classical music library for play along.

However, the piano lacks a digital screen, therefore you need to take the help of owner’s manual in order to access these functions.


Given the features and the price range it comes in, Casio PX750 is by far the best furniture style digital piano available in the market. In this price range, you usually get a 64 note polyphony, but Casio PX 750 has 128-note polyphony.

More polyphony is always good for the piano. The ivory touch on the keys provides a better playing experience for most people as it absorbs sweat of your fingers while playing the keys and even yields a smoother surface to play.

Casio PX 750 is a “bang for the buck”. If you are the one who wants to enjoy best of the new era features with stupendously fabulous quality and that too at a very low price range, then blindly go for Casio PX750.

Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review


In short, this synthetic ebony and ivory to their keys are simply amazing.

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