Kawai ES100 Review | 88-key Digital Piano With Speakers

Kawai ES100 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers: Playing the piano has always fascinated individuals in profusion. However, mastering this instrument is not as easy as it seems and requires a lot of hard work and determination.

Having the ability to play a number of different piano styles will help you become a better overall piano player. Thus, one needs to infuse a lot of styles in order to become a piano prodigy.

Classical pianos, Jazz pianos, Musical Theatre piano, Cocktail piano, Liturgical piano, Pop piano, and whatnot. The piano market has always witnessed a lot of innovation.

The newest and the most strapping technological advancement in the world of the piano is the Digital Pianos.

Digital Pianos have every cleverly topped every chart list and are a hot potato for quite a long time. A lot of brands producing digital pianos are crammed in the market. But a few amongst them are worth the mention and appreciation.

One of them is Kawai. Let’s gape at it.

About the Brand

The moment one hears Kawai, what apprehends in the mind is perplexing quality. The Kawai piano company of Japan has been producing digital pianos and acoustic pianos for decades and is well known and respected worldwide for building high-quality instruments that are appreciated by all.

Their presence in 80+ countries today is a testament to their growth and undeniable presence in the musical instrument market.

Kawai as a brand has come a long way and has garnered the position of one of the renowned brands in the industry of musical instruments.

Every piano of Kawai is crafted with meticulous skill and care, and it reflects in the quality of their products. Therefore, its products are usually high priced.

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Their products are recommended by piano teachers, professional pianists, universities/colleges and recording studios alike.

Let’s have a glance at one such amazing product by them:

Kawai ES-100 Digital Piano with Speakers

Kawai ES series is one of the best and is known for its quality disposing of digital pianos. The Kawai ES100 is part of the “ES Series” of digital pianos but unlike other models in the series that are higher priced, Kawai ES100 comes at a much lower price point.

At such a price range that is under $1000, it is the first-ever 88-key weighted hammer action digital piano by Kawai.

Come, let’s gape at some of its features


The best part about this piano is that it is relatively small and lightweight, thus can be moved easily. It is only 52″ wide and 11″ deep so doesn’t take up too much space. It comes in satin black colour and has a minimalistic design.

The design is so simple and elegant and is not oppressed with confusing buttons and options.

This model simply has eight small round push buttons and one volume slider control on the top above the keys near the left side. There is enough space in between the buttons so they are not all jammed together.

Kawai even offers an optional furniture-style HML-1 stand, which matches with Kawai ES-100 and offers three-pedal functionality.

On both sides, of the rest are the two integrated speakers and the music rest can be attached to the top of the digital piano too. Also, there is a large height adjustment screw under the pedals to adjust for carpet or hard floors.

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Keyboard Action 

This 88-key digital portable piano offers the excellent AHA IV-F, a graded hammer action keyboard that simulates the same feel of playing on a grand piano. The key action is more realistic ES100.

The sturdy graded hammer key action movement is simply amazing. The two 7W integrated speakers are positioned underneath the keyboard.

In case you need a fuller sound, you can always connect an external speaker system by way of a stereo output on the piano in one of the two headphone connectors.

Sound Quality 

One thing which is worth mentioning is its piano sound. It is truly mesmerizing. It encapsulates the Harmonic Imaging sound engine, which is the soul of this piano.

It includes 192-notes of piano polyphony memory which is the highest in its class in this price range for a portable digital piano.

It has 8 acoustic piano tones, along with a variety of impressive-sounding strings, organs, electric pianos, harpsichord, and a few other tones.

One feature that grabs eyeballs is its ‘Drum Rhythm Section’, i.e. playing piano along with the drummer.

The ES100 offers 100 different drum rhythms in nearly every type of rhythmic style, and these drum percussive sounds are exceptionally amazing.

It possesses a feature called “half-damper pedaling.” It allows you to edit the built-in piano sounds in a variety of ways and create your own personal custom piano tones.

Then, you can save these new sounds 5 memories, i.e. 4-panel memories plus a power-on user memory.

It has a built-in digital recorder and even features a library of songbooks that is based on Alfred’s songbook series along with Burgmuller 25 Etudes.

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Bonus Features

These additional features equipped in ES100 make the sound more soothing to the ears. These are pedal resonance, which lets you hear the strings echo and resonation while pressing the sustain pedal.

The next one is mechanical fallback hammer noise and damper rail noise. These sounds give you the feel of playing on an acoustic grand piano. All three of them are digitally adjustable.

It has a MIDI I/O, the damper jack, and the input for the AC adaptor. There are also two Phone outputs, which can be used for practicing in silence.


The best part is that each note of Kawai ES100 was individually sampled by Kawai in order to deliver the ultimate piano tone and undoubtedly you can feel the difference.

The drawback to mention would be that it lacks a duet four-hand mode and an LCD display screen. But then it is justified as it is focussed primarily on piano playing.

It is rare that a brand comes with exceptionally amazing products at such a price range. It is arguably the best digital piano in the market and is worth a hit.

Kawai ES100 Digital Piano Review


It is high in quality, features, and affordability. The authenticity and feel it carries along is simply outstanding.

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