Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano Review

Roland RD 300 NX 88 key Digital Piano ReviewThere is no second opinion about the fact that Digital pianos are ruling the piano market. A few years ago, nobody would have thought that the sale of digital pianos would be burgeoning and they will be topping the charts.

A lot of pianists now claim that digital pianos have tremendously overpowered acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are a more advanced version of a traditional acoustic piano. They basically simulate the way a real piano sound and is played.

A digital piano has no hammers, strings, or any of the moving parts you find in an acoustic piano. However, better quality digital pianos may have a weighted key action feature that tries to imitate the feel of an acoustic piano keyboard.

Amongst this cut-throat competition, few brands manage to gain the limelight due to their exceptional and magnificent product quality. Roland is no different.

Let’s have a look at one of the top players in the Digital Piano market; Roland.

About the Brand

Roland Corporation is a Japanese electronic musical instrument manufacturer that was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan in 1972.

They are famous not only for their best quality digital pianos but they also make world-renowned digital drum sets, digital organs, digital guitar products, expensive digital harpsichords, and the list goes on.

Roland has ruled the synthesizer market for a long.

In the competitive world of digital pianos, Roland has embarked on its name amongst the top players. Roland is also the owner of BOSS which is known for producing great guitar effect pedals and loop stations.

Roland is a brand known for its innovations and great sound sampling. It usually manufactures products that are high-end. Undoubtedly, Roland products are a favorite of every musician.

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Roland raised the stage-piano bar with the RD-700NX and since then the company has left no stone unturned to revolutionize and introduce innovations in the digital piano industry.


Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano

Roland RD-300 NX is one of those rare stage pianos, which give both the touch and feel of acoustic pianos. The RD-300NX is the latest mid-range model, which is improvisation and up gradation of various previous models by Roland.

It includes most of the SuperNatural acoustic and electric piano sounds of one of Roland’s bestseller RD-700NX.

Let’s have an overview of some of its features:


Roland RD 300 NX is a lightweight piano that comes at an affordable price. It weighs only 38 pounds, making it plenty portable enough to transport back and forth between performances. It is accompanied by a Roland KS-G8 keyboard stand.

It embraces an attractive metallic black finish and has a sturdy and solid steel exterior. It has an optional RPU-3 triple-pedal unit that yields a true grand-piano pedaling experience onstage.

It encapsulates an RD-NX Editor, which allows the user to switch between the best live setups for stage piano performances.

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Key Action 

The 88 key digital piano from Roland is equipped with a Deluxe PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard, which in every way replicates the feel of an acoustic piano.

What compliments this feature is Roland’s advanced sensor technology and escapement technology with a progressive hammer action that functions in a similar way as on a traditional piano.

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The signature Roland modulation paddle is to the left of the keyboard in Roland RD 300 NX as opposed to above it on the main panel. The touch is extremely pleasant and the key surfaces are neither too slick nor too grippy.

This model is equipped with amazing piano sounds and setups with dedicated one-touch buttons and a graphic LCD.


In short, the key action is realistic and simply great.

Sound Quality 

The Roland RD-300 NX has 128 notes of polyphony and its acoustic-piano sounds are derived from Roland’s acclaimed SuperNatural Piano sound engine and a PCM Sound Generator.

There are 939 tones that are available, which includes GM2 tones and 23 rhythm kits. A must mention is the Tone Edit menu that is simply amazing.

With SuperNatural Piano technology, what basically has improved in this piano is these three essential elements; velocity response, note decay, and key-range behavior.

This simply allows for a natural and expressive performance. The best and arresting part is that there is also an electric piano, i.e. E sound engine that produces illustrious sound.

It has a standard MIDI file format and a WAV Audio File format and also includes a range of non-piano sounds grouped as Clav/Mallet, Strings/Pad, Organ, Guitar/Bass, Choir/Scat, and Brass/Synth.

Sound Focus 

The highlighting part of this piano that it is equipped with the amazing Sound Focus feature, which ensures that every note you play is clear, without affecting the dynamics of your playing style.

This enhancement is Roland RD 300 NX is one of the sole reasons for a clear and detailed sound.

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This feature is simultaneous to Roland’s SuperNatural audio phase correction that ensures that no disruption to the sound of the piano in concert with an array of other instruments.



It is equipped with MIDI and USB connectors that allow you to interface with all kinds of additional software. You can easily connect it to your iPad or other mobile devices via the ports it provides.

Adding on to the connectivity are damper and control pedal jacks.


Roland RD 300 NX comes with hundreds of high-quality built-in sounds, rhythms, Ivory Feel-G keyboard, and onboard effects, and that too at such an affordable price.

A lot of features like 128 notes of polyphony, Roland’s own SuperNatural Piano and Electric Piano Sound Engine, a PCM Sound Generator, and a full-length 88 key piano are similar to Roland other models of digital pianos.

But then, a lot of bonus features complimenting these usual features make it worth the purchase. The sound quality and the customization features are far beyond magnificent. To sum up, it is a combination of durability and versatility along with amazing sound quality.

It is the piano that is detrimental for live performers in every sense and won’t let them down!

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Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano Review


The world-famous SuperNatural sound is available at an affordable price. Now, what else do you need?

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