Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano Review – Best for Beginners

Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano Review: In this era of hectic lifestyles, rarest are the things left that give you peace of mind. What can be more soothing, than a delightful performance on a piano?

Talking about piano, for some reason always gives me jollity. Digital pianos simply rule the roost. However, the digital piano market faces fierce competition. The affirmative side of this is that companies have subjugated their boundaries and have furnished some of the best digital pianos in the market.

A lot of top renowned brands have made a mark in the digital piano industry. To name a few, Yamaha, Casio, Kawai, etc. are extremely popular amongst the people.

One of the elemental facts that grabbed the attention of the public was the affordability of digital pianos. Digital Pianos are stuffed with amazing features and are far more economical as compared to traditional acoustic pianos.

Amongst these top piano brands, exist a brand named Williams that has clutched people’s attention. Let’s have a look at this brand:

About the Brand

A lot of people confuse it to be an American brand, maybe because of the name impression. Actually, it is not an American product, but a product created by a Chinese manufacturer. Williams is actually sold on a monopoly.

The digital piano by Williams is made and sold exclusively by the Guitar Center and a few of its affiliate companies.

This highly versatile digital piano brand is known for its innovation and amazing range of features. From beginners to professionals to musicians, their digital pianos have managed to rouse all the music enthusiasts. Their pianos truly, feel and sound of a fine acoustic piano.

Let’s have a look at one of the digital pianos by this brand:

Williams Allegro 88 key Digital Piano

Williams allegro 88-key digital piano is one of the cheapest and most affordable pianos in the market. Brands like Yamaha, Roland, etc. come with low price models. But then, as far as price is concerned given the same features no other piano player can beat Williams allegro 88-key digital piano.

Let’s give a glance at some of its features:


The piano weighs almost 30lbs and is not too big. Thus, it is a highly versatile and portable digital piano. It comes only in black color with the ‘W’ and ‘M’ logo infused and with a black metal music rest. It has an easily readable layout and built-in speakers.

It comes with simple to use editing features and easy to operate intuitive control panel with one-touch buttons. The buttons are raised and have a concave center. Complimenting it is an intuitive LCD display with a blue backlit screen and a control knob.

To your surprise, Allegro can be powered by six D batteries. But, it takes an a/c adapter for electric current for which you need to shed out some more money, as it costs extra.

Adding on, it comes with a warranty of one year. The optional ESS1 Essentials Pack includes the power supply, sustain pedal, and headphones.

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Sound Quality 

The 64-note polyphony piano has outstanding reverb and chorus effects. The New Williams sound library features some amazing non-piano instrument sounds such as electric pianos, organs, and strings.

It comes with an internal system that is decent enough. However, for more volume, you can always resort to an external speaker system that can be connected to the 1/4″ audio outputs on the back of the piano.

The highlighting part is that it features a special Modulation/FX control for realistic rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments.

This feature enables a player to exercise more control over the internal sound. However, Allegro only comes with basic 8 tones.

For your private practice, a headphone jack is also provided. You can even connect a sustain pedal to the piano too.

Now, in case you want to practice or compose songs, it comes with a two-track recorder and a playback function.

It also had a split mode, which breaks the keyboard into two different voice sections.

Key Action 

Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano features 88 hammer-action weighted keys for that ultra-realistic piano feel. The keys are weighted, and they have a bit of a realistic feel to them. The cherry on the cake is that their three piano velocity samples come from a “10′ 2” Italian Grand Piano.

There is an editing function to change velocity curve touch sensitivity.

It comes with a transpose function, which allows you to play music in different keys without changing the chords.

It gives you a separate EQ for the brightness control and rotary speed control for the B-3 type Jazz & Gospel organ sound.

You can also layer any two sounds together and split two sounds apart.

However, a lot of people have complained that knocking noise is heard, when they play the keys hard.

Now, this sound is so sudden and unnatural that it is such an interruption. But to this, the company has assured and has issued some type of firmware fix.


Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano even has a USB output jack that can be connected to external devices like tablets, computers, etc.  It even has MIDI input and output connections, i.e. you can connect the piano to another MIDI device or external source and control up to 16 different MIDI channels.


Investing your hard-earned money into Allegro would be completely worth it. Rarely comes a piano with so many features that too, at such a low price. You get plenty of features that are insufficient amount to match your needs. To sum up, I think it’s a throwaway deal, which should not be missed.

However, I will only recommend it for beginners, as some experienced players have reported inconsistent key action and eventually that produces unrealistic sound. In case, the company fixes this problem, there is nothing better than this piano in this price range.

To conclude, it is delightful to find such a responsive digital piano and that too in such a price range.

Williams Allegro 88 Key Digital Piano Review


To sum up, I think it’s a throwaway deal, which should not be missed.

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