Yamaha DGX 650 88-key Digital Piano Review – Worth for Money

Yamaha DGX 650 88-key Black/ White Digital Piano: Yamaha is one of the topmost brands in the world of digital pianos. The brand has earned tremendous recognition via the quality of products it provides.

Yamaha DGX 650 is the most versatile and feature-laden piano that you will find in the market. It is marketed primarily towards beginning pianists and semi-professional players. It captures some incredible features that make a whole lot of playing experience easier and more comfortable.

The best part is that it has a keyboard that provides an acoustic piano tone and touch as well as the ability to blend piano sounds, sampled from some of Yamaha’s finest pianos.

In case you are the one who doesn’t want to spend much on a digital piano, this one is a perfect fit for you. It comes at an affordable list price.

Let’s delve into its features and explore some wider details:

 Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano



It comes with a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard that has been designed to produce an acoustic piano sound expression that enables you to play with refined dynamics and a nuanced tone. However, this is a feature that most Yamaha keyboards possess.  The keys of the DGX650 are graded and weighted, meaning the keys towards the bottom are heavier than keys near the top, and their response can also be adjusted between four different settings: Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed.

Yamaha DGX 650 is a step ahead with the realistic harmonic action. Scaled Graded Hammer action in all 88 of its weighted keys, giving you the resonance of an acoustic piano.

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Now, this particular model from Yamaha can be connected to a wide range of devices. It comes with MIDI connectivity and USB slots. USB allows you to easily insert a flash drive to store and even enables the transfer of WAV files from a flash drive. Furthermore, you can also connect an external device, e.g. iPod through the AUX- in port, and enjoy the soothing music via the piano’s speakers.

Adding on, it does not allow for transfer from a computer back to the keyboard, as it can be done with the USB port. It does not have separate audio outputs to run line-outs to external speakers, however, you can connect an external speaker system to the stereo headphone jack and still use the internal speakers at the same time.


Sound System 

This particular model comes in with a lot of assortments and is capable of playing almost any song. It comes with over 500 preset sounds that comprise different choruses and percussion. The highlighting fact is that it imbibes a pure CF sampling, which is the prominent reason for its outstanding sound quality.

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The XG sound set has been designed for this very model in lieu of helping the learners to play along and follow the arranged songs from professional artists.

The sound quality is simply unparalleled. The DGX650 is capable of producing 128 notes of polyphony, making it very capable of playing any piece without cutting notes short.  A new smart chord feature and a new style recommender allow you to play in a certain rhythm style and then the piano will identify that style and pick the appropriate instrument arrangement.

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When it comes to variety this model overpowers various other models in this league. But a basic problem that creeps in is the lack of knobs and buttons to adjust these sounds. So, putting it in a few words, basically, customization is the problem. 

Auto Accompaniment 

One of the most applauding features of this model is the Smart Chord auto-accompaniment. Smart Chord automatically embellishes the chords of the key you’re holding when pressed. In short, with such a feature you only need to play the single notes and the rest of the work will be managed by Smart Chord itself.

Accompanying this great feature is a style recommender that will automatically provide a suitable list of toning styles based on how you are playing.


One of its worth sharing features would be the songbook it carries along. This book is truly magnificent. Its selection of songs caters to the blockbuster songs of famous artists and the best part is that all these songs are professionally arranged, giving the user a more comfortable experience. It allows the user to play along while the piano provides the backup accompaniment.

The piano has over 500 individual instrument sounds built-in with different variations of some of those tones including some very realistic sounding instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, marimbas, electric pianos, and many others.

There are also 195 preset chord/drum pattern styles including jazz, Latin, rock, country, waltz, and just about anything you can think of. The Yamaha DGX 650 has a 6-track MIDI player recorder that can play MIDI song files including General MIDI format songs.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Yamaha DGX 650 is an extensively favored piano. Its amazing sound quality and key action, sound layering, sound splitting, octave changing, key transpose, individual volume controls, and lots of buttons and user functions are good enough to grab many eyeballs.

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The only drawback to point out for this product can be the speaker system. They need to focus on the quality and come up with a solid set of speakers.

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The kind of price it comes in surely is a great value for money. Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest products from Yamaha and beyond excellence, the product that serves as one of the best options available in the world of a digital piano.

Yamaha DGX 650 Digital Piano Review


Truly a perfect choice for both beginners and semi-professional players. With the kind of functional features it comes along with, it is capable to cater the needs of Professional pianists too. Thus, it can be used by advanced players too.

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