Yamaha P 105 88 Key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P 105 88 Key P-Series Digital Piano: The piano is the heartthrob of every individual. Mastering this instrument requires dedication and a lot of effort.

The Piano world has witnessed one of the finest inventions of technological advancements; Digital Pianos.

Digital piano imbibes a lot of cool features that surely have eased the process of learning piano. Some digital piano models are so good that they give you the same feel and authentic touch of playing on an acoustic piano.

Markets are flooded with models of Best digital pianos. But some of the products manage to grab the attention because of the legacy and quality they carry with them. One such product is P-105WH Digital Piano by the renowned brand Yamaha.

About the Company

Yamaha Corporation, one of Japan’s most diversified companies, is the world’s largest maker of musical instruments, including pianos and keyboards, wind instruments, string and percussion instruments, and digital musical instruments.

Yamaha as a brand is known for its detailed research, design, and detailing while making a convincing digital piano.

Yamaha Corporation has continued to thrive and innovate and that is the main reason for their success.

The Yamaha Company has been making amazing musical instruments for over 100 years, so Yamaha Pianos carry the legacy of a successful and innovative brand.


Let’s have a look at one of the products by this brand:

Yamaha P 105 (P-Series ) 88 Key Portable Digital Piano

Yamaha P105 portable digital piano is the updated replacement for the Yamaha P95. Now, Yamaha P95 needs no introduction. It is one of the most successful and amazing products by the company.

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Surpassing the expectations of Yamaha P95 is tough for any brand but Yamaha P 105 truly stands confined in this direction. Its minimalist design and innovative features and in such a price range just surpass all the expectations.

Let’s have a detailed review of the features this particular model has to offer:


Yamaha P 105 is a lightweight piano, which weighs only 27lbs and is the best suited digital piano for beginners. It is portable, i.e. it is fairly easy to transport without having to call professional movers and a truck.

The piano has a length of 52 and 3/16 inches with a width of 11 and 5/8 inches and is a full length 88 key digital piano.

The beautiful, matte black finish is icing on the cake. Usually, it is accompanied by L85 stand & the LP5 pedal, which are an option and an extra cost.

Both the stand and the pedal unit is made of amazing material and it even comes with a matching music rest. In fact, the piano cabinet and the music rack color itself has been redesigned to make it look and sound better.

The key highlighting feature is its easy-to-use display where all of the most important switches have LED backlights to let the user know whether or not they are on.

It even has a couple of serviceable drawbar organs, a pipe organ, a string pad that’s good for layering and electric and upright basses for your left hand.

Keyboard Action 

As for P105, Yamaha comes with a GHS (Graded Hammer Standard)action that is same as in P95.The best part is the key action of the P105 can be changed between four different settings: Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed. It features four levels of touch sensitivity for the realistic acoustic response.

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The keys of the piano are even weighted heavier towards the bass and lighter in the treble, just like a real acoustic piano. The main problem with GHS action in P105 is that the key action is a bit noisy in its attempt to recreate the acoustic piano feel.


Sound Quality 

The Yamaha P 105 uses the brand’s Pure CF sampling and has an Intelligent Acoustic control to create a realistic piano sound which is truly exceptional.

Yamaha claims to have created this CF Sound Engine Yamaha to be an exact replica of their CFIIIS concert grand piano, which is known all over the world. It comprises 128 notes of polyphony instead of 64 that ensures smoother playability.

This particular model from Yamaha is fully capable of performing complicated pieces without missing a beat. The P series Yamaha P 105 comes with 14 different high-quality tones, 64 preset songs, a fuller sounding internal speaker system with 4 speakers, and 14 watts of total audio power.

The two-track MIDI recorder allows you to capture all of your new compositions.


The P-105 also comes with great connectivity, with USB to HOST capability that will allow you to connect directly to your computer and an auxiliary line-out that helps with recording and live performances. The USB port allows for transferring track information to a computer.

It simply allows users to turn a simple chord into the full accompaniment.

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Duet Mode 

Duo Mode allows for the side-by-side play that is ideal for instruction and group lessons. The duet mode makes it easy as teacher and student can split the keyboard to be able to play identical phrases in the same note range.

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It also has an assignable split of the two sounds that is relatively easier to use.

A song can also be recorded by using up to two independent recording parts for the left & right hand in the standard MIDI format.

The P-105 is built to be a digital alternative to real acoustic and grand pianos and to a large extent, it has succeeded in this context.

The best feature of this piano is certainly the price. The kind of features, it imbibes, at such a price range is simply great. As compared to many other digital pianos, in this league, it comes with a list down the price that is comparatively lower as compared to others.

Features such as the ten Pianist Styles that provide the accompaniment to your chord progressions are bound to grab your attention.

This is a product we highly recommend for beginners. So, go hit it and enjoy the spell bounding sound of Yamaha P 105.

Yamaha P 105 Digital Piano Review


To cut short, you get a high sound and polyphony technology in a low-priced model. So, in every sense, this is worth the deal.

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