Yamaha P255 88-key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P255 88-Key Digital PianoThe rich, exquisite piano sound takes you to a whole new level of relaxation and tranquillization. It is completely beyond words.

However, mastering this sound is not easy and requires a lot of determination on the part of the pianist.

A lot of brands like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Kurzweil, Clavia, and Korg come up with some of the best piano models that deliver a power-packed performance. Let’s talk about one of the most trusted and reliable brands: Yamaha.

About the Brand

The Yamaha piano company is well known for producing some great musical instruments. With over 125 years of experience in building fine acoustic pianos, Yamaha truly knows their business well and what they are doing.

Their experience reflects the quality of their products.

In fact not only pianos Yamaha is also known for its flutes, violins, guitars, drums, and a variety of other things. Take a glance at one of the hottest selling products by Yamaha:

Yamaha P255 88-key Digital Piano

Yamaha P255 is one of the best digital pianos in the P-Series. P255 offers you a great choice of keyboard sounds: four grand pianos, three classic electric pianos, a synth keyboard, jazz and pipe organs, acoustic and electric bass and an incredibly authentic-sounding harpsichord.

Let’s have a look at some other features:


This piano carries a classy touch to it that is bound to catch your eyeballs. Yamaha P255 weighs only a modest 38 pounds, which makes it portable. Given all the attributes and features it comes loaded with, this much size is completely justified.

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However, some people may claim it to be a bit heavy, but actually, it is not. It is available in satin black or in ivory white colour. Both the colours look elegant and give your décor a pleasing look.

The matching L-255 furniture stand and the LP-255 piano-style 3-pedal unit enhance the look of the Yamaha P-255. However, both these are extras and are completely optional.

It can be played at the touch of your comfort zone, anywhere you like with or without external amplification.

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The layout and design of the control panel are less cluttered, therefore it is easier to navigate and use. There is a bright white colour LED light inside the buttons that is a change from the usual red lights.

Key Action 

Yamaha P255 comes with a 2- sensor and graded hammer weighted key action with synthetic ivory keytops. The white keys feature synthetic ivory keytops with excellent moisture absorption properties.

This means that your fingers won’t slip even when playing for extended periods of time.

The touch sensitivity of the keys can be modified to match how hard or soft you tend to strike the notes. It comes with one piano-style sustain pedal, which is nice and works well for basic sustain function.

Sound System 

Yamaha P255 comes with a 256-note polyphony memory chip and offers a more realistic sound. It uses the Pure CF Sound Engine to produce its piano Voices.

It comes with a powerful built-in speaker system that has 30 watts of audio power going into 4 quality speakers including 2 round main speakers and 2 tweeters.

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The pair of 15W amps built into each P-255 can deliver a very solid sound.

It reproduces a String Resonance feature, i.e. when the hammer of a grand piano strikes the string, in response the other strings will also resonate.

There are 10 realistic sound drum rhythm patterns that make it possible to play along with a drummer. The drum pattern includes sounds like Latin, Rock, Swing, Waltz, etc.

You can split the piano’s keyboard in two if you would like to play with a second pianist and this will allow you to choose two different voices.

It also captures a layering function that allows you to layer two different voices and also features a dual-mode. The reverb option allows you to add some reverberation to the notes as you play them.

The equipped EQ sliders in P-255 let you adjust the digital piano‘s sound as per your liking by simply moving these sliders. It even enables you to produce bright and shimmering tones that make the sound more powerful and realistic.


Yamaha P255 comes with a USB flash drive input on the front. It enables you to save 2-track MIDI recordings or record your own performances and play them back.

There is USB output to iPad and laptop computer, which enables you to use extra software’s or apps to enhance your playing experience.

It comes with MIDI in/out connectors, USB output jack, 2 stereo headphone jacks and stereo audio input on the back of the piano wherein you can plug in any external devices.

Additional Features 

Highlighting the main feature of this piano that is rarely found is a Controller App for iOS. Using this, you can customise your piano sound. On the touchscreen, you can simply modify settings or quickly adjust your favourite settings with touch-screen ease-of-use.

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Amidst all the noise and applauds, it becomes really difficult to listen to the sound of the keyboard. But, Yamaha P-255 comes as a savior, i.e. Sound Boost button. This feature elevates the sound from both the keyboard speakers and extra amplification if any.

There also comes a Panel Lock feature, which locks all the buttons on the piano so that any accidental pressing of buttons while performing can be avoided.

There is also an effects function that gives you further options including the phaser, chorus, tremolo and vibrato sounds.


In simple words, Yamaha has taken the best features found in their concert grand pianos and put them in a P-255. Overall the piano has an amazing sound quality and has some authentic-sounding voices.

It offers an amazing 256-note polyphony and is a piano for some serious musicians. Yamaha’s acclaimed Pure CF Sound Engine gives it a rich sound.

There are a few of the drawbacks that I would like to mention. First is the lack of LCD screen which makes it really difficult to navigate through a hefty amount of functions this piano possesses.

Overall the matte finish is really cool, but the plastic sides are a little distracting.

Yamaha P255 Digital Piano Review


Yamaha P255 comes loaded with a plenty of features that make this digital piano perfect for all musicians from the beginner right up to the skilled pianist. This will surely not disappoint you so give it a hit.

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