Yamaha P35 P Series 88-Key Digital Piano (Black) Review

Yamaha P35 88-Key Digital Piano: When a famous musician quoted that Music gives a soul to the universe and life to everything, he was perfectly unerring. The piano is one of the most famous musical instruments. It is versatile and has a beautiful tone.

To play it effectively, you need to master the instrument. Believe me, mastering it is not easy. A lot of effort and hard work go into mastering this machine. It requires a great deal of passion and divination.

The piano industry has been constantly observing some of the best innovations. But the most effective and worth mentioning, amongst all is Digital Pianos.

They have taken the market by storm and have far exceeded the sale of an acoustic piano. Affordability is one of the most elemental factors that accord to its success.

A lot of brands have made their mark in the world of digital pianos. One amongst them is the most trusted and authentic brand that has prolonged since ages are: Yamaha.

About the Brand

Yamaha as a brand needs no introduction. It is one of the most recognizable and reliable brands in the piano market. Yamaha has been in the segment of making musical instruments for over 100 years. It is headquartered in Hamamatsu City, Japan.

Apart from pianos, Yamaha is also known for its flutes, violins, guitars, drums, and a variety of other things. Yamaha leads the chartbusters in terms of quality and creditability as a brand.

Be it a beginner, skilled pianist or a teacher or student, Yamaha makes piano for everyone.

Let’s have a look at one of the products by this brand:

Yamaha P35 Digital Piano (88 Key)

The Yamaha P-series is the most successful and certainly features some of the best digital pianos by Yamaha. The P-35 is the first digital piano in Yamaha’s legendary P-series.

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The Yamaha P35 uses AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling technology that yields a deep and rich Piano Voice. Let’s have a look at some of its other features:



It is a portable digital piano that just weighs 25 pounds. Portability is one of the plus points for those who travel frequently with their pianos.

The best part about this piano is that it comes with a lengthy three-year warranty on parts and labor. The overall compact design gives the piano a sleek look.

The best part is that the design is not cluttered, as it does not have many buttons. Yamaha has done a good job here as it has an easy to use interface and all the programs can be controlled using a function button.

The Grand Piano button can be easily located on the front panel and instantly returns the P-35 to the best acoustic piano Voice.

Various accessories complementing the Yamaha P-35 comes along with the model. Accessories like footswitch, music rest, PA-150 power adapter, an optional L85 Wood Stand that matches well with the piano and a sustain pedal that you need to purchase separately.

In crux, P-35 is a piano that features a minimalistic design that is simple, yet elegant.

Sound System 

It features Yamaha’s own Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling technology, which gives life to the sound of the piano.

Basically, what this technology does is that they use two separate microphones, to record pairs of waveforms.

In every way, the sound of the piano is simply out of the world. By that I mean it is simply enthralling. However, it comes only with 32 notes of polyphony.

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Polyphony is the amount of computer memory used to create a good piano sound. As you expand your piano learning horizons, more polyphony becomes a need.

Yamaha P35 has 10 instrument sounds that are complemented by an amazing piano and provides an authentic piano touch that’s suitable for the beginner pianist.

It features two harpsichords and a vibraphone. The two pipe organs and a string section that is spacious enough, embellish the sound quality of Yamaha P-35.

Key Action 

This 88 key digital piano comes with a Graded Hammer keyboard that offers a feel similar to that provided by an acoustic piano. The keys are heavier keys towards the bass and lighter towards the treble, which truly replicates the feel of an acoustic piano.

One of the drawbacks, I feel is that they P-35 do not have textured keys. Moreover, the plastic-like feel of the keys is a complete turn-off.

The Yamaha P-35 features a dual mode that allows the keyboard to split down such that you have two equal sections of keys. This is an extremely beneficial feature for teachers and students.



Yamaha P35 has input and output MIDI ports, which enables you to connect with any kind of computer or tablet, or even with another MIDI device.

MIDI Out ports get you connected to older keyboards that might feature the sound you are looking for. For an extra touch, you can always use the optional MIDI interface.

Additional Features 

The Yamaha P-35 comes with four different types of reverb effects, dual/layer function, transpose function, quality pedal and metronome control. It comes with ten demos and ten piano songs, ten different instrument sounds to choose from.

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All the sounds are decent and of good quality.

The piano comes with a standard quarter-inch headphone jack. Now, this would not be sufficient, so it is suggested that you purchase a handy studio style headphone, for a more quality listening experience.


Yamaha P35 is a perfect blend of affordability, classy, design, and quality. Taken into consideration that this piano is meant primarily for beginners and intermediates, 32 notes of polyphony do not stand as an issue.

Duo mode splits the keyboard into two halves, each with its own “middle C.” A perfect feature for group piano sessions.

There are some flaws in this model like there is no USB port included in order to interface with a flash drive for saving songs. There is no built-in recording function.

Given at the price it comes in, the Yamaha P35 is, without a doubt, one of the best digital pianos for beginners.

Yamaha P35 P Series Digital Piano Review


Taken into consideration that this piano is meant primarily for beginners and intermediates, 32 notes of polyphony do not stand as an issue.

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